About Us

Khani Capital LLC.

Khani Capital LLC, (KC) is a privately owned real estate investment, syndication and asset management company based in Santa Monica, California focused on acquiring value-added properties. For the past 18 years KC has amassed over 20 assets in 3 states under different formation entities generating tremendous returns for our investors. KC seeks real estate in secondary markets across the United States in Retail, Warehouse/Industrial, Office and Apartments. The company has the ability to acquire various asset classes and complete acquisitions in as quick as 48 hours. With no outside investors or institutional capital, KC can make decisions quickly without having to raise money or wait for investor approval. KC has several lines of credit and abundant cash reserve to be able to acquire assets without needing debt. KC’s rapid annual growth demonstrates their success in numerous real estate cycles.

Presently, investments are located in California, Florida and Tennessee. KC also seeks value added opportunities in new markets througout the United States.

KC acquires and maximizes the value of underperforming properties, such as former big-box retail sites that have significant vacancies and/or negative cash flow. We reposition these assets and patiently seek out the right tenants for the location. With upgrades and refurbishing, KC successfully transforms such properties into attractive consistently profitable investments. 
We take pride in our reputation as trusted business partners, known for working through challenges with sellers and buyers to allow both parties to fulfill their investment strategies. 
KC executes an aggressive acquisition strategy that focuses on under-performing properties and select secondary markets with optimal growth potential. The firm's current portfolio comprises of more than 2 million square feel of retail, office and industrial properties. KC expects to grow its portfolio by continuing to purchase and reposition lucrative and underperforming properties that do not comply with institutional buyers' acquisition criteria.

KC works hard to accommodate the needs of our investors and tenants. With a goal to meet their requests, our highly trained staff is extremely attentive and
responsive. Contact us today with an opportunity